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The VSA Vascular Labs are private laboratories, operating under the direction of Vascular Surgery Associates, which provide a range of non-invasive treatments.

Because they are affiliated with VSA, the Vascular Labs are fully backed by the expertise of VSA’s team of board-certified vascular surgeons and shares in its reputation for, and commitment to, excellence.

The VSA Vascular Labs are accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC, formerly the ICAVL) in Vascular Testing.

Combining high-resolution grayscale and color imaging equipment administered by experienced technologists, the VSA Vascular Labs provide the highest levels of service in an outpatient setting.

Our pledge is to treat our patients with compassion and exceptional professional care, and commit to providing referring physicians with high-accuracy testing and prompt communication of test results to provide seamless continuity of care.

Examinations offered by Peripheral Vascular Labs include Duplex Ultrasound Scans, Cerebrovascular and Venous Examinations, Peripheral Arterial Examinations, Arterial Duplex Imaging, and Abdominal Aortic Imaging.

The Vascular Lab Team

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